Drywall Sponge Sanding Variety Pack of 6 – Includes 60, 80,120,180, 220,320 Grits


  • Not an ordinary sander – high-quality sanding sponges with 320 grit, making them suitable for wet and dry sanding. Wet sanding can remove paint and varnish while dry sanding can be used to sand wood lettering and metal frames before polishing
  • QUALITY BEYOND PERFECT – Double-sided wet and a dry sanding block with concentrated brown aluminum oxide that won’t break even in harsh weather conditions, meaning you won’t have to go through the struggle of changing after every slide
  • It is a savior: it saves time, energy, and money. Thanks to our reusable, weather-resistant. and washable sanding blocks for crafts, no more spending hours rubbing burnt pans while damaging your freshly done french manicure
  • Reduce your struggle: you always have the right tool for the right job. Use the Afruxy Sanding Sponge Variety Pack to tame jagged curves and rust from metal surfaces, sand drywall, grind down wooden furniture, polish stones, and even rub dead crevices
  • FITS ALL YOUR NEEDS – Our multi-purpose wet sanding sponge comes in a 6-pack with a size range of 60, 80, 120, 180, 220, and 320 which means no more trimming and wasting blocks

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